Lady Lostris

apelidos Lostris

VSTF Councilor
  • Eu vivo em a house.
  • Eu nasci em Abril 18
  • Minha ocupação é dreaming.
  • Eu sou who I am.

Hi! I am Lady Lostris, also known as Lostris or LL, and I've been actively around on Fandom since May 2011, more specifically on the English Avatar Wiki.

As a member of the Volunteer Spam Task ForceMop, I was probably here reverting some vandalism and/or deleting spam and will most likely not be editing here regularly. If you have any questions or comments, ranging from VSTF related things to general good wiki practices, I'm a Dutch (Flemish) native and very fluent in English, as well as decent in French, so feel free to contact me in one of those languages on my wall at Community Central.



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